Inflatable swimming circle how can better reflected the market value?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-02
Inflatable swimming laps is a lot of consumer favorite, so how to better to use it? Automatic inflatable swimming circle by the inside of a small amount of sodium bicarbonate solution of two side open air chamber and linked to by soft tube of small cells filled with citric acid, catheter with clamping parts, air chamber is equipped with gas mouth, circular with connector on both ends meet. The swim ring as the standby life-saving appliances, in an inflatable state to wear in the waist, when in the water in case of any accident to the clamping piece on the catheter, press the small room, citric acid which flow into the chamber reacts with sodium bicarbonate, large amount of co2 room gets rapidly expanding gas, achieve the goal of distress itself. Yiwu ShenYi inflatable pool manufacturers of plastic products co. , LTD. Is located in yiwu city, zhejiang province righteousness west industrial park, is a joint venture company, the main production of PVC inflatable toys, bags, inflatable pool, inflatable swimming ring, inflatable ball, inflatable sofa, inflatable plastic products such as 'daruma', especially in the large inflatable water toys as the main product. Source: inflatable toys, inflatable pool, inflatable toy manufacturer to http://www. ywshenyi。 com/
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