inflatable space modules could lead to new space dwellings

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-25
Bigelow extensible Activity Module (BEAM)is a 1,400-
Kg structure, 3. 6 meters long.
It is now floating in space on the International Space Station.
Although it\'s just the size of a small bedroom or a bedroom
Garage, has a big future in space exploration.
Its manufacturers hope to push a larger model into space soon.
Robert Bigelow, founder and president of Bigelow airlines, hopes to send the B330 into space.
Its volume will reach 330 m³, and space executives are in talks with NASA to connect it to the International Space Station.
\"In this configuration, the b3 30 will expand the space station by 30% in volume and will function as a multi-purpose test bed to support NASA\'s exploration objectives and provide important business opportunities, bigelow said in a statement on the company\'s website.
The inflatable module is made of kaifla fiber
Materials and other fabrics.
If the structure is in contact with any potential space debris, it needs to remain strong.
The inflatable unit was initially folded into the cargo section of the Atlas V rocket and then launched into space, which also explains why Bigelow will work with the joint Launch Alliance (Launch Alliance) co-operation-a joint venture between Lockheed Martin Aerospace Systems and Boeing defense, aerospace and security.
Although NASA plans to test the beam for about two years-astronauts will \"routinely enter for measurements\" and monitor other aspects, NASA says people on the international space station will not actually spend much time on this structure.
They can only stay in it for about three hours every four months.
Inflatable structure in two-
A one-year probationary period, if proven successful, Bigelow plans to follow up on a 20-fold module and can be used as a space outpost by research organizations.
They can also be used as potential accommodation if space tourism takes off.
Bigelow mentioned that this is \"a potentially very important relationship\" to the non-
Government research, business activities and tourism.
If the prototype turns out to be successful, the inflatable structure could even be used to build a future space station.
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