Inflatable sofa to information maintenance method

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-19
Inflatable sofa is a kind of product can bring us good feelings, and since you are inflated so it is very soft, but about inflatable sofa maintenance method you understand? The inflatable sofa method of maintenance is needed to be learned! And use time will be more long. 1, sofa cushion, air is basked in, regularly in case of be affected with damp be affected with damp or mildew. 8 to 2, inflatable goods your can, inflatable caused by excessive blowout is beyond repair, please fill some air in winter, please put some air in summer, to keep the best state. Put a cushion, to punch cushion edges, make it slowly, don't suddenly, heavy weight. 3, don't stand on the sofa, or sitting on the armrest, back of a chair. Don't let your sofa near high temperature or bask in the sun. Don't let your pet with a claw or climb on the couch. Please be careful to avoid sharp thread hook out ( Children toys, ring, clothing, etc. ) 。 Don't wet stuffing, if accidentally happened, with fan or a hair dryer (quickly Low temperature) Blow dry. About inflatable sofa maintenance method of awareness of! ! ! ! If you need to buy our inflatable toy manufacturer production inflatable tumbler, inflatable sofa, inflatable ball, inflatable toys, inflatable pool, can be telephone contact us!
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