Inflatable slide daily leak how repair?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-19
Inflatable slide daily leak how repair? If the inflatable trampoline leak? This is some user concerns. Now in the market of large inflatable castle, inflatable trampoline, inflatable slide, inflatable rock climbing, etc. , the manufacturer of inflatable castles used high quality material, starting from the source of leak seriously, but still can't avoid air leakage. If there is a lot of inflatable trampoline leakage situation, we should to do? Today amusement like everyone to share the problem in detail. Because it is itself an inflatable inflatable trampoline, air leakage is inevitable in the inflatable toy. Because the inflatable castle is uninterrupted inflatable, so, just the right amount of air leakage is normal, and a large number of air leakage is considering whether to damage, etc. If inflatable trampoline because damage or man-made destruction caused by the leakage problem, what should I do? If confirmed as inflatable trampoline damage caused by the large amount of air leakage problem, can be used to repair methods. We are all in the delivery of our distribution have glue and materials for repair, if in the location of the damage in the corners, suggested to cut the patching material into a wafer, or according to the material texture, style of cut into the shape of a is greater than the gap, gap too small not adhere to, if too much is not easy to stick, generally from the gap between 3 to 5 cm. Be sure to blow up the broken place before pasting, surface cleaning, and damage the surrounding coated with glue, after the repair material is coated with glue on the back. After coated with glue, compaction by hand or other items, don't leave air bubble. If the temperature is low, will affect the glue effect, suggest use hair dryer blow hot air, so you can confirm with tape. In general, after a few minutes can normal use. So at ordinary times in the process of using, maintenance and use, and can completely. Recommended reading: summer inflatable water park popular safety hidden trouble to the parents
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