Inflatable slide amusement equipment operation safety is affected by multiple factors?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-24
Inflatable slide amusement equipment operation safety is affected by multiple factors? 1. The masses of customers, while buying the inflatable castles, must consider whether the product has a strong market competitiveness. Only the strong market competitiveness of products to make money! 2. Inflatable products in use, please make sure that the ground level off, without sharp hard and bumps. A protective coating shall be laid on the ground, but use striped cloth market. Products in use process, there may be a stain products, available fine washed a bath. When cleaning, please use soft towel, not with a stiff brush. 3. Long-term need not when, please keep jump bed drying, and put in a cool and dry place. If in use process by the rain, please first open the product, with blowing fan, fan open mouth, the rest will blow the internal moisture, and make proper drying. 4. If the weather such as windy rain, should be banned in outdoor use outdoor, lest produce an accident. 5. Amusement equipment co. , LTD. , henan remind you, safety first, safety and amusement passage! Inflatable slide with environmental protection net PVC products raw materials for the production, this material is a professional inflatable cloth, cold resistant performance is good, can reach 40 degrees below zero at low temperature; Flame retardant performance is good, away from the flame within 5 seconds self-extinguishing, through technical supervision detection, according to the results of avirulent, insipidity, without excitant, does not cause an allergic reaction to the skin, especially young children. Let's have a repair distribution package glue cloth these things, there is a problem it is ok to stick. Oh band-aid. And normal use will not bad, such as our clothes, wear a normal three to five years should be no problem oh, you say? Pro, simply say to you what is under the process, you probably understand went well. Adopting automatic cutting machine cutting precision, double and four enhancement sewing, digital print machine imported colorful bright beautiful, the domestic leading technology laminating machine protection spray long durable, stress points to strengthen, fan flap protection technology of air leakage, suture paste to strengthen technology industry in the lead. For better air tightness, USES the advanced hot-melt machine, roller with a thermal process in terms of product suture, instead of traditional sewing technology, greatly enhance the water tightness of products, reduce the air leakage, prolonged use. Recommended reading: inflatable slide and inflatable castle, how to choose
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