inflatable pubs firm expands

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-25
The border-based inflatable bar business is \"expanding\" in a number of ways, thanks to their extensive coverage following the St. Patrick\'s Day parade in Chicago, and they recently announced that they have obtained the rights of the famous moi Tavern from The Simpsons.
Lisa McMahon winters, founder of inflatable bar, said she was pleased with reports of the company\'s Chicago parade with facilities in Ravendale, the event organizers asked the company to provide VIP hospitality tents before the start of the parade.
Lisa quit her sales job and built the best company in the world right now
The well-known inflatable bar business said that the online video showing their bar at the beginning of the parade has been watched millions of times and created huge publicity, especially in the United States, A company founded about seven years ago.
The United States is a commercial place that can be found on www. inflatable.
The bar, which is currently concentrating, has acquired the rights of 20th-Century Fox to create the famous Moy Tavern from The Simpsons as an inflatable.
The best explanation for the inflatable bar is that it is like a tent, but more creative and adventurous with many different types of custom designs and sizes to choose from, they are often used for public events such as weddings, St. Patrick\'s parades, and corporate events.
You can even ask the company to design and make copies of your favorite fountain if you wish.
In the past few years, the business in the US has really taken off, especially providing great potential.
Inflatable toys are made in Ireland, the Netherlands and Romania.
Lisa said: \"The success of bar rentals has led us to start selling global shipping, leasing partners and dealer packages.
When we see other people trying to replicate our business model in the leasing industry, we know we\'re doing something and we think it\'s a huge compliment,, we do not recognize any other business that is not our rental partner and do not use inflatable brands. pub.
\"We have very strict design manufacturing and material requirements that unfortunately are not met on the copy and can give a bad name to the name of the inflatable bar.
We offer free listings for our partners on our website and when we buy, we also offer experience, training, marketing assistance, etc, for which we do not charge anything.
Hopefully this time next year, you can rent an inflatable bar in every city of the world by inflating.
List of bar partners.
Just last month, a retail partner in the United States ordered a bar, and since he had already received the booking, he ordered four more bars, which is the demand.
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