Inflatable pool should be how to install and clean

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-24
After investigation found that the majority of Chinese families now are mostly in the shower bath way, in fact, sitz bath way can bring more people to enjoy, ease off the whole body fatigue, but it is a little high, the price of bath crock that many families can only settle for second best, choose the inflatable pool. Despite the inflatable pool is the substitutes of bath crock, but he use effect is as good as the bath, and have advantage in price, also convenient store, as long as the air drop, cleaning is very easy to installation, inflatable toy manufacturer to do it. Spread the pool and smooth, with inflatable pool inflator pump according to the air for inflatable pool. Air force moderate shoulds not be too full, so can effectively avoid inflatable too full to bursting phenomenon, ensure that the product used at best stress state. Early ( Late) Appear larger temperature difference, such as at noon time, inflatable pool should be paid attention to in a timely manner is deflated or fill gas, in order to avoid pressure too much damage to the product. 2, pool of water injection to the required level. Inflatable pool water level is more than two-thirds of pool height, inflatable deformation of high water level of the pool will lead to fracture. Inflatable pool cleaning: inflatable pool pool can not directly use chemical disinfectants, touch available dishcloth take soap and water after to scrub. Or place in the sun insolates, but cannot insolate, otherwise it will damage the inflatable swimming pool, the exposure time shoulds not be too long. The second approach is to put inflatable pool in a soak in hot water, after high temperature method to kill the bacteria breeding. The same soaking time shoulds not be too long. Soak dry adhesion after the moisture, prevent bacteria breeding breeding. Don't use hair dryer dry inflatable swimming pool, also can't use the washing machine to clean.
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