Inflatable pool manufacturer tell you its market demand is more and more widely

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-28
Tourists into the inflatable pool need to take off their shoes, are not allowed to contain the strong sharp objects such as keys to prevent hard prick the skin in fall into the pool; Depth of the lowest not less than 20 cm, most can't more than 30 cm, because too shallow, for children to play in a pool, there is no enough space, too deep, children will produce dangerous sex again in it. Found in the water skin have blisters, please check as soon as possible. Waterproof zipper used a dozen a wax, can make zippers so durable. Bonding method: inflatable pool attached TPU treatment agent, special glue and main ingredient, such as skin damaged, you need to cut the clean break surface treatment same size cloth, wipe on TPU treatment agent, such as 15 minutes and then wipe on a special glue, press. Yiwu ShenYi inflatable toy manufacturers of plastic products co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of inflatable toys, inflatable pool, swimsuit, floating row, children's castle, inflatable sofa, inflatable ball, inflatable tumbler, inflatable toy is their main product, welcome to inquire price of inflatable pool, inflatable pool wholesale.
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