Inflatable pool manufacturer analysis it for you have more advantages which aspects?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-01
Inflatable pool manufacturer analysis it for you have more advantages which aspects? Pool is made of PVC material and steel frame structure is composed of two parts, steel tube structure to support the main body, the pool body by high frequency welding thermal forming double PVC coated fabric, this technology can make products with wearable pressure, difficult to crack the characteristics of the slit, can do without a drop of glue on the entire pool; Inflatable pool as a whole made by PVC fabric through a thermal molding, inflatable rely on PVC fabric after the air pressure in the cavity between the support forming, the stress of the pool mainly supported by the tension of PVC fabric itself. Due to stent pool and inflatable pool on the mechanical structure, the characteristics of the bearing capacity is determined by the height of the bracket pool typically higher than the inflatable pool, inflatable pool width specifications than on the more big, generally the lowest height is more than 1 m, the highest common inflatable pool is 0. 8 m, with the raising of the dragon amusement equipment product as an example, the bracket pool is 15 x25x1 meters, 15 x25x1. 35 meters, 15 x25x1. Different specifications, such as 5 meters can also according to customer requirements. 1. 35 meters high bracket paddle pool available for adolescents with also can be used as a swimming teaching, 1. 5 meters height of stents can satisfy the demand of the adult swimming pool. And inflatable pool is used for sand pool, fishing pond commonly for young children to play, although there are large products, but individual height at some area is generally small, can only offer paddle to play with, cannot be used when the swimming pool.
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