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Inflatable Planet Ball

planet ball

Do you want the solar system to surround you? Planet ball series products from Powerful can help you realize your wishes.

The planet ball we produce has a beautiful appearance, which is very attractive, and is the best choice for advertising and decoration. The clear appearance of the whole printing plus the size that can be customized, the quality assurance of this planet ball makes you satisfied.


There are D rings and ropes on the outer surface of the ball for fixing.

1. It can be filled with helium and kept in the sky.

2. It can also be filled with air. In this way it can be placed on the ground or hung high. Suitable electrical pumps are available in stock. And it is easy to get the ball blown up.

3. Light bulb can be installed inside to make the whole ball shine brightly in the dark, making people experience the feeling in the universe. The color can be shifted by the remote.

The moon ball has different types, it’s up to you for which you like.  Beautiful inflatable planet balls, the best choice for decoration and advertising!


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