Inflatable manufacturer to remind the baby swimming pool

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-26
Inflatable manufacturer to remind the baby swimming pool. Birth of infants and young children, many parents will take them to go swimming, it is good for the development of the baby, in fact, you can buy an inflatable swimming pool in the home to the babies, can save a lot of cost. Let's talk about inflatable pool manufacturer zhejiang matters needing attention. 1, within 18 months of baby, should help in float in the inflatable swimming pool and float should wear in the baby's chest, back and shoulder straps, to wear good float after launching, the baby's head should be up, the face of the water, the body upright posture. 2, start swimming, by parents or teachers should be held the baby in the stomach or back to practice, and then gradually reduce the help. Help when, had better hold the baby's back, make baby face above the water, can also hold baby's two arms on the front, make its head up out of the water swimming exercise. 3, baby left float float, parents or teachers' hands should be in the position of the subject to hold the baby. 4, baby time shoulds not be too long for each of the inflatable swimming pools, start learning phase is 10 minutes should be out of the water, after appropriate department chief to 15 - depending on the situation - - - - - - For 20 minutes. Up the water, should let the children feel comfortable and happy.
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