Inflatable castle still so popular!

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-20
Inflatable castle still so popular! We know that the whale island paradise not only have millions of ocean ball inside, there is a slide, trampoline, roller, walking ball, hot wheels, kayaking, etc all kinds of amusement facilities, here, you can play what you want to play! But do you know? In addition to these traditional style and traditional collocation, the whale island paradise in joined the screen interactive, soft elements, such as building blocks and push through it and there is a new style of, is you haven't experienced! Screen interaction and Marine shots really goes well, the whale island paradise in joined the screen after the high-tech interactive play, visit the site immediately raised a class. So what is the post screen interaction? Screen interaction is through a certain technique of multimedia into the traditional Marine ball pool, people playing in the ocean ball pool, can raise ocean ball into interactive screen, striking images of the various elements of animation, resulting in a rich interactive effect. Through these games can fully mobilize the participation of children, to cultivate the coordination of the body, to further promote the whole park amusement atmosphere! Used in city amusement equipment co. , LTD. Of the screen interaction has ten themes: sea world, forest adventure, small devil, planet worm war, Jurassic park, peas, Christmas party, pleasure ground squirrels, tanks fights, happy holidays, let the balloon fly, slamdunk, cops and robbers, crushing impact, etc. , can instantly switch different game scene, at the same time also supports the double mode, fun! Soft blocks for all of us are not strange, believe that every child likes to play! Soft blocks made by environmental plastic material, because it is soft, so children can play more than six months. And building blocks for a educational toys, it is really good! Can exercise ability, grasp knowledge, but also can develop the brain, improve children's imagination and creativity! Therefore, every parents are willing to let their children involved, even with their children to play, to create their own secret! Rushed off set up a wooden bridge arch and climb on the two lower levels, the children may be through the toll-gate, reach the finish line, success! In the process of playing can fully arouse the children's morale, cultivate their obstinate and brave spirit! Believe in the screen interactive, soft blocks and rushed off to join the game, the scene of the whale island paradise sentiment will hi to explode! Further improve the competitive power of the investors event increase income! In order to let investors can easily make money, to give the tourists to better play experience, fun along the way has been working hard! Recommended reading: depth resolution inflatable castle process
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