Inflatable castle play inflatable toy manufacturer to remind parents children must pay attention to safety

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-21
Chongqing evening news - a new boys, in order to attract girls, jump on fencing school corridor, the result didn't grasp well balance and fell from the second floor. Wulong county court yesterday revealed that although the school fence to high standard, the court has sentenced school forty percent responsibility, compensation of 110000 yuan. The judge, jack Bauer ( Not his real name) The first grade students of the wulong county is a secondary MengDongQi is in puberty. On November 22, 2011, recess, cockroaches and students play in teaching building on the second floor corridor, far see themselves well disposed girl xiao li, Not his real name) Come over here. In order to attract the attention of small beautiful, jack Bauer a run-up sprint, jumped on the cement in the corridor side rail. But, due to the inertia is too big, small strong unstable after the jump, unfortunately fell downstairs. His parents said, the child has in wulong county and the city's big hospital for 3 months, spent about 200000 yuan of medical treatment, children's intelligence is also serious decline. By the judicial authentication, jack Bauer were respectively identified as vision disability level 6, intellectual disability in tem8, splenectomy disability 8, also need to care 1 ~ 2 years. Jack's father as legal agent jack Bauer, the school to court. The building corridor, he thought, the fence is not in conformity with the specification requirements, did not fulfill the duty management responsibility and safety protection, therefore claims more than 320000 yuan. School party out of the campus construction standard ', said their fence height 1. 14 meters, has more than 1. 1 meter standard. Highlights the security at the class meeting, in addition, the school also in students' safety convention on the safety considerations, the school has to exercise the education, management responsibilities. The court held that although the school teaching building corridor guardrail campus construction standard, but the height is only 1. 14 meters, it is easy to climb jump, and there is no protective measures, there is not safety factor. It also argues that jack Bauer is a minor, can't foresee the fence there may be danger. Schools as a education institutions, shall be foreseen that the student is likely to climb, or jump the fence. The school responsible for the education of students don't go to climb, or jump responsibility, and set up corresponding warning sign there. Because the school did not submit evidence to prove that the relevant responsibilities, therefore, the school shall be liable for compensation. In addition, jack Bauer mainly injured his own fault, this should reduce the school's liability to pay compensation. Court determined by the school liability by 40%, school jack Bauer 110000 yuan for compensation. The judge said, both sides does not appeal, the ruling has legally effective. Chongqing evening news chief correspondent robyn interns Yuan Yuli correspondent Luo Kang child play trampoline hurt the chongqing evening news - the child accident hurt when jumping trampoline, parents think vendor has the responsibility, and vendor claims rejected. Yesterday, the wanzhou district council mediation, parents finally reached an understanding, and vendor stall of compensation for medical expenses 3000 yuan. Late on September 22, wanzhou lady with a two year old son, li peng peng to covering university square to play. See the square inflatable trampoline, peng peng then shouted to play. Giving son begged, Ms. Li spend 10 yuan to buy a tickets, my son was playing on a trampoline, and Ms. Li will wait. In a short time, Ms. Lee heard my son cry and shout hand pain, hurriedly will be taken to the hospital, son & other; How suddenly the incident, the son fell off, I don't know. ” Identified, the fall in ten class disable peng peng. “ Now that injuries are trampoline, vendor shall compensate. ” Ms. Li said. But, the management of trampoline to refuse compensation. Trampoline, he argues, is a public place, and the incident has obvious hints & other; Children under the age of 4 off-limits & throughout; , an accident, it is parents didn't watch the child. Ms. Li had to reflect situation to wanzhou district council. Council staff think to air cushion play trampoline are children of no capacity for civil conduct, the operator should be predicted the existence of playing children safe hidden trouble, should strengthen the guidance, prevention and management. Vendor fails to prove that they fulfill the duty of these, the main responsibility. At the same time, as a mother Ms. Li is not entirely guardianship responsibility, should bear the responsibility. After many mediation, vendor agreed to compensate for medical expenses 3000 yuan.
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