Inflatable castle manufacturer to tell you: inflatable swimming pool and stent swimming pool which is better?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-17
Inflatable castle manufacturer to tell you: inflatable swimming pool and stent swimming pool which is better? Swim, paddle is the joy of human nature, life originated in the sea, love of water is rooted in each person's heart. China to participate in the number of swimming about more than 1 billion people each year, but now because of industrial pollution, the river is the serious pollution, water depth and the gap is larger, there is great potential safety hazard, parents also not trust their children to swim in the river, lake! Often swim can also improve the ability of cold-resistant and disease resistance, inflatable castles as summer high temperature weather gradually increased, improvement of living standards, people are becoming more and more pay attention to the amateur life outside of work, three to go to swim with the body exercise, can also be in burning hot summer, a cool summer, also can contribute to the affection of parents and children, and children not to feel lonely! The inflatable, inflatable swimming pool swimming pool is beautiful and easy, cheap, let a person a see, before I started doing this product also like inflatable. But type inflatable swimming pool water depth is not deep not suitable for parents friends! ( 1) Mobile and convenient, suitable for children to play, the depth of the water is not very high, high security! ( 2) Investment is small, an inflatable swimming pool, 16 mm in diameter, probably need only 20000 or so, the amount can be configured children like to play with inflatable water slides, increase children's entertainment! Second, the stent swimming pool ( 1) , stainless steel tube scaffold used swimming pool this swimming pool is more convenient, convenient folding and retraction, weakness is high prices, specifications, water depth can be divided into three specifications: 1 m / 1 respectively. 32m/1. Suitable for different people such as 5 m! ( 2) , free swimming pool inflatable type stent this swimming pool is a mainstream of swimming pool products, characteristic is suitable to use more convenient, price, easy to accept. Is made of mesh PVC materials, fabrics, also more strong. Water depth is higher, more suitable for swimming! Above is the inflatable swimming pool and stent swimming pool of choose and buy the relevant experience, to provide a reference for the readers
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