Inflatable castle manufacturer to tell you: harmful elements content of inspection to ensure that the child from harm

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-18
Children love to play is nature, but the children are the process of the body, to the outside world particularly sensitive, so all contact with children too many toys products go through test, the concentration of harmful elements cannot exceed the national standard, which is the guarantee of the safest and most authoritative to the child. Harmful element content inspection to ensure that children from harm test, the concentration of harmful elements including lead ( Pb) Barium ( Ba) Antimony ( Sb) Arsenic ( As) Cadmium ( Cd) Chromium ( Cr) Mercury ( Hg) Selenium ( Se) The content of eight kinds of harmful elements such as testing. In 2012, is likely to be increased to 19. The purpose is to protect children from harmful ( Heavy metals) Element damage. The child's body has not been fully developed, harmful, Heavy metals) Elements (to him She) The damage will be very big. This part of the test is one of the most important, but also by the naked eye cannot distinguish consumers the most easy to ignore. Harmful ( Heavy metals) Element often contain in the raw materials, such as plastic paint, wooden toys, plush toys or textile toys category fabrics, etc. City amusement equipment co. , LTD. , is the earliest through international standards of toy manufacturers in China, focused on export and domestic sales, the main products are naughty fort, inflatable trampoline, inflatable toys, water etc, professional amusement equipment safety, focus on children's happiness is our responsibility, amusement factory, welcome you to join us!
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