Inflatable castle help Harbin ice and snow festival in Hong Kong

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-14
In subtropical region of the people of Hong Kong, it is impossible to feel the snow in the winter, will only have a chance to see the travel. So, is billed as one of the four big ice and snow festival & other Harbin ice and snow festival & throughout; Came to Hong Kong, but attracted many Hong Kong people. Ice and snow festival is located in the lobby, yuen long, from early October to January 4, inflatable castle for three months, I heard that in early October, At that time Hong Kong can also be summer? ) , there are a lot of people waiting in the sun line up to enter, experience should feel. To me, have a strange preference of ice and snow, snow always feel that there is a very quiet beautiful, feel very romantic. So, when 10 months see go home near the YMCA organized, and time and price are suitable, just signed up with Kevin. Because of the location of the ice and snow festival home is quite far from us, if your rode to and fro, or more troublesome, a cart transport more convenient, and time is on December 14, was thinking at that time some cold day, but people should also be fewer people. Did not think of, rarely see snow and ice of the people of Hong Kong is a full of enthusiasm for the ice and snow festival, understands from news basically holidays people are overcrowded, many are to make an appointment in a group, if people go out for a can in the library? Even if the organizing committee in November, the ticket price from 60 yuan to 90 yuan, people also not reduce. Well, in the name of our reported for October and ticket prices have not up, ha ha. For the first time to participate in the travel activities organized by the YMCA, also good, at 9:30 a. m. and organized many interesting activities along the way, about an hour to reach its destination, because there are groups to make an appointment, didn't wait too long in the library. Inside the temperature was ten degrees below zero, be sure to wear down jacket, down jacket to borrow for free, the organizers were at the scene heard before but not very warm, and size not appropriate, so we still took their coats. Snow pavilion area is not great, have classic amusement park, ice snow three animals and interaction area, there are a lot of lovely ice sculptures, including a lot of ice and snow festival mascot penguins, and mammoths, elk, pumpkin, carousels, and coffee cup, etc. The colour of ice sculpture is quite rich, but I still love the glittering and translucent get rid of the transparent ice sculptures. Can participation is BingHuaTi. It's a pity that the day because too many people to suspend adult slide, only children to open small slide. In addition to ice and snow pavilion, the great range of outdoor carnival activities, but of course fee is not cheap. But I heard that night guanding sea have LED lights to create snow, very beautiful. If it is personal to can consider later in the afternoon, it is can avoid most of the groups of tourists, the second is after the snow pavilion can see see guanding sea.
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