Inflatable castle amusement equipment installation process

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-13
Inflatable castle, inflatable amusement equipment installation process castle children's amusement equipment installation: 1. Will equipment placed on the flat ground, had better put a patch below such as carpet, plastic striped cloth, and spread it. 2. Find equipment inlet, outlet and fan are connected, and tied the fan mouth then spare air inlet tied with a rope. 3. 5 - by the blower, turning on the power supply equipment Will take ten minutes. The installation of auxiliary fan: 1. Choose 1 gb. 5mm2- 4 was several meters cable connected to the fan, air switch at the other end connections, and to get an electric shock protector. 2. Before the use should check whether the power supply voltage and nameplate, direction of rotation is correct. 3. Casing shall be a reliable earthed and regular check, the air inlet of the fan according to the fence, lest produce an accident. Customized large inflatable toys, went to the amusement equipment manufacturer, mental amusement equipment modelling beautiful, light, cheap, high safety.
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