Inflatable balls of gas leakage phenomenon

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-17
Inflatable ball is a lot of children like toys, affordable and quality is very good also, not only can normal to play in the home, also can go to play pool, inflatable ball, of course, use for a long time there will be a flat, the inflatable air balls? And see it together. Inflatable balls of gas leakage phenomenon? Inflatable ball multi-function saver is designed according to the market requirements and functions more perfect upgrade products. It through panel operation and advanced microcomputer technology, can easily switch in power saving mode and the bypass mode, effectively improve the power factor, transient surge of filter circuit. Can at any time of the voltage, current, load rate, and so on and so forth its internal overvoltage, undervoltage, over current protection function, such as to protect the equipment shall be subjected to the influence of transient or destruction. Inflatable balls of gas leakage phenomenon? New inflatable football inflatable ball rack, just began to use inflatable material after received the pressure of the air pressure, is a little stretch, stretch after volume will be a little too big. This time you will feel the appearance of the product seems to be a bit slow leak, this belongs to the normal. Materials used in 2 ~ 3 days won't stretch, this time the gas supply can normal use. The above is how to deal with leakage phenomenon of the inflatable balls, yiwu ShenYi inflatable toy manufacturers of plastic products production inflatable products, welcome new and old customers to inquire.
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