Inflatable amusement facilities is expected to be a standard

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-18
Henan inflatable amusement facilities is expected to be a standard report from our correspondent ( Reporter Zhao Huiyan Sun Zhongjie xiao-xia song) Recently, inflatable amusement equipment quality and safety standards symposium was held in Beijing, for by the henan city of quality and technical supervision, inspection and test center of drafting inflatable amusement facilities of henan local standards are discussed, marks can be depended on without the standard in the field situation is expected to end. Inflatable amusement facilities is the rising star of the industry, children play in henan province has developed rapidly in recent years. Represented by inflatable amusement facilities, at present already amounted to more than 50 production enterprises, the provincial inflatable amusement equipment products with annual sales of more than 2 billion yuan, annual sales accounted for about 7, of the total domestic exports accounted for about 6 in. But for a long time, because of the lack of independent research and development and technological innovation, there are large and not jing, such problems as lack of well-known brands. And the field has not been relevant national and local standards, supervision and could not be in accordance with the quality supervision department, testing methods are hard to follow up in time, causing the market is relatively chaos, product quality good and bad are intermingled, there is a big security risk. In order to ensure the attractions industry healthy and orderly development, to ensure product quality and safety, in 2012, the city testing center in combination with the practical situation of the industry and its related enterprises, drafted the inflatable amusement facilities in henan province of henan local standards, this standard has passed the henan province pledges inspect bureau organization of expert review. According to the relevant person in charge of city testing center, the convening of the meeting, inflatable amusement facilities is the henan industry development of a certain specification, if it is standard to rise to the national standard, orderly development, not only can effectively promote the whole industry will also provide powerful basis for regulatory quality supervision department.
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