Impression and children play with inflatable castle

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-12
Impression and children play with inflatable castle, I want to see more, when breaking up, I want to home, this is on the one hand, have their own emotions, on the one hand, oneself build a house, after local older brother that place cover again also do not have what meaning, the elder brother of the putting surface said to the people around with someone else bought in the name of the room, don't move, now estimated to be moved until after the separation, the elder brother is native land, after nearly disposition to eight more than me, because catch up with The Times, because I couldn't come for a few months later, I was filled with feelings for home & hellip; … After wake up in the afternoon, the photos on the computer in the camera down, looked at the baby yesterday, standing in front of the inflatable castle and the expression of the poor, love and want to laugh, after dinner, the wife call teng baby clothes, spent will be in the mother-in-law home, snow baby and elder sister home children go out to play trampoline.
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