\'i was blinded by excitement\' - man loses €11.5k in donedeal scam

by:Powerful Toys     2019-10-21
A man revealed how he was cheated out of 11,500 euros by a DoneDeal scammer.
Eamonn Dunne, who contacted Joe Duffy\'s Liveline, revealed how he was a victim of hacked ads on popular websites.
BMW\'s ads for sale in Cork were hacked and gave a new low price tag of 11,500 euros.
He borrowed money from his credit union and for the next two years he had to pay back 100 euros a week.
\"I was blinded by the car and what I thought I was getting and the excitement of it,\" he said . \".
Counterfeit sellers offer to transfer money via PayPal and promise Eamon (50)
If he is not satisfied with the car, the money will be deposited into the account for seven days.
He was asked to transfer the money to a bank account with Barclays in London.
Conman also sent him photos of his passport along with all the other details.
Eamon reported \"complex scams\" to his local garda radio station, which passed the details to the fraud team.
The car will be delivered to him through a legitimate delivery company and he will also be able to carry out a car inspection to make sure there is no penalty.
However, when nothing came, he quickly realized that he had been cheated.
\"It was a real patient, but I slept on it for two nights and I said I wouldn\'t sleep on it for another hour,\" the Dublin bus driver told The Independent . \". ie.
Fenbal Garland, trust and security manager at DoneDeal, told Liveline at RTE that an email was sent asking people to log in to apply for a reward.
He said that the people who did so did not intend to pass on their login and name to the fraudsters.
This allows them to edit legitimate ads, lower prices to attract punters and add new contact details.
Also contacted the real seller of BMW to remind him of the need to change the login details and possibly change the bank details.
\"Of course, in the past few weeks, we will try to put some unreal ads,\" Mr Garland said . \".
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