i am dating one of those inflatable blowy guys outside a car dealership and i have never been happier

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-09
Don\'t judge.
He\'s a perfect man.
Six months ago today I was tired of meeting men on LinkedIn and one afternoon I rushed into the Toyota dealership closest to me as a radio ad yelled at me at breakfast
Obviously \"The offer is over soon\" and so on.
I don\'t know which offer it is.
I don\'t know why it\'s over.
So I was there, wandering around aimlessly, with no intention of buying a car at all.
I mean, let\'s be realistic: I\'m a freelance poet with a PhD in emotional archaeology.
When I was about to leave, I suddenly saw him.
Well, to be more accurate, my peripheral vision records something bright red and fidgety, floating in the breeze.
I went outside and looked up. Damn, son.
Like, holy shit.
Well, he\'s very tall. very tall. Mmm.
He is strong enough to withstand the changing winds of life.
He looks very happy. Approachable.
He has 700 cars.
And the latest models.
He turned his head.
Everyone noticed.
That\'s what I did.
Look around and see everyone staring at him completely. They pointed.
They gasped happily. GIRL TALKOP-
Don\'t worry, I\'m different from other girls.
Well, \"I yelled at them when I rushed over the parking lot. \"Boy is MINE.
\"My heart is running. I asked him out.
That\'s not why my heart beats faster: Like I said, I just ran into a huge and huge piece of hot concrete.
Anyway, the good news is that he didn\'t say no! !
He probably didn\'t hear me because by the time I asked, I was completely 40 feet below him.
But I think he is.
We have been together since then, this is the absolute paradise.
He is my best boyfriend ever, not only because he is far away from me (
He lives on the side of the highway, half away.
Take a taxi for an hour when I want to see him). Whatever. We\'ll do long-
A distance of time.
Many people let it work.
If you have to know, I \'ve been talking about finding a place together for the past few weeks. So!
Things are going very well.
He has always been very happy.
He was never in a bad mood.
I know how to get him excited.
Most importantly, I \'ve never heard him talk about any of the following topics: Wilco, Bitcoin, Star Wars is better than the other slightly different topics in Star Wars, science-
He wrote science fiction for 14 years and revealed half in a very timely manner.
Life fascinated by the third eye blindness is actually about ice poison.
When discussing any social or political issue, I never need to listen to him \"just act as the face of the Devil\", an elegant phrase, what if I was a serious crawl in the next few minutes and we all ignored it?
\"My cute, sexy, inflatable boyfriend: I\'m really your biggest fan.
Okay, I\'m your second.
The biggest fans, as I admit and accept, have a huge industrial fan below your people, and that\'s why you are floating around the world.
And my love.
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