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hyundai issue non-takata airbag recall for santa fe

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-26
Modern Sante Fe was recalled for airbag failure.
Source: supply Hyundai released the seven of Santa Fe
Seat SUV with potential faulty rear curtain airbag.
The recall has nothing to do with Takada\'s recall, which affects millions of cars across the country.
Any car in a modern car does not use Takata airbags.
In some cases, the rear curtain airbag on the side may be damaged and will not fully unfold.
The problem stems from the mounting bolt, which can damage the airbag mat when it is unfolded.
Hyundai Sante FeSource: the supplier recalls 666 examples for the new Santa Fe built before August.
The fault is then fixed in production.
Hyundai advises all affected customers to contact their local Hyundai dealer where the failure will be repaired free of charge.
A list of affected vehicles can be found here, or customers can call the modern customer service center at 186 306 on 1800.
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