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how to turn off/stop \'seen by\' on facebook: disable it to make your chats seem less passive aggressive

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-08
The conversation reached a strange place in 2015, where they did not start and end, but continued for days, months and years in a fragmented explosion. The nervous side
The effect of this is that some of us want answers as soon as we see the information.
In the good times of the past
A few years ago)
You can communicate without knowing where the other person is in the conversation, but since Facebook launched the \"seen\" feature, every letter is waiting nervously.
Whether you\'re a keen agnostic or just busy and don\'t want to be mistaken for one, it\'s actually easy to get rid of the feature: get Facebook invisible extensions for Chrome.
When you mark your post on Facebook with a read receipt, it basically just removes a line of code.
Download Unread from the App Store.
Now you have more chances of using Facebook on your phone than your laptop, so this might come in handy.
It does the same work, except that the only downside is that you can\'t use it to send messages and can only check them.
So there\'s a solution now.
At least the feeling of Facebook allows you to turn off the benefits of reading settings similar to Whatsapp and with blue tick (
Only on Android though).
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