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how to turn off windows live family safety

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-06
If you are wary of the predicament your child is in, it is useful to log in to home security.
You can monitor the websites they visit by looking at the reports and who they talk to online.
Sometimes, however, when you try to use a computer, it asks you to log in with a Windows Live ID.
You will also need to log in to close the filter.
You can even uninstall this program if you want to go further.
These two options will be explored in this tutorial.
Step 1 in the home security main window, you will see a dial in the upper left corner of the window, showing whether the filter is open or closed.
You can disable the filter by clicking dial.
To disable it, you will be prompted to log in using the Windows Live ID.
Once completed, you will disable the filter successfully. To re-
With it enabled, you just need to repeat the process.
To uninstall the feature further, read on.
Step 2In of control panel (
Can be accessed from the start menu)
, You will want to select the option to allow the uninstall program.
In Vista, it is the link at the bottomleft.
In XP, it will be an icon that represents the add/remove program.
From there you will want to scroll down and find the option to say Windows Live Essentials.
Double-click this option and you will be prompted to provide more options.
Step 3 if you have a problem running some Windows Live applications, you can choose \"fix \".
However, since we are trying to uninstall home security, you will want to select the uninstall option by default.
Step 4 click the checkbox that appears next to home security.
If you also want to uninstall other components, you can uninstall them here.
When you\'re done, click continue \".
Windows will then continue to uninstall the program. Finished!
After you uninstall the selected feature, you will see the confirmation window.
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