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how to turn google instant off or on

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-05
Recently, Google released a new search method called Google Instant (G. I. ).
It may take some habits for this new feature, but you may like it in the end.
With Google Instant, users can get popular keyword guesses. Currently, G. I.
Because when most people are searching, they already have a predetermined word or phrase.
For example, when I search for \"diet pills\", G. I.
Showed me a series of words and phrases that have nothing to do with the keyword \"diet pills.
Let\'s make an example.
As you can see, the words or phrases produced by the first few characters I typed have nothing to do with the keyword \"diet pills\" I ordered.
Currently, I like the new features of Google.
Unfortunately, I am a super user of Google by setting up G. I.
Also, I allow Google instant messaging to keep interrupting me while I\'m thinking.
It can be said that this new feature may not be a good thing for most people as it can cause confusion and some frustration.
I will leave G before I am happy with the new features. I.
Setting is turned off. By default, G. I. is ON.
Simply click on the search settings link near the top right corner and you can easily change this setting.
Scroll down until you see G. I.
, Click the radio button \"do not use Google Instant\" and click the \"Save Preferences\" button.
You can also deactivate G. I.
From any search results page.
Just search for \"abc\" or any other keywords and click the drop down arrow next to the search button.
Select the close setting to set it all.
Please check my video if you need help to turn on or off Google Instant.
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