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how to remove google chrome as default browser

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-06
Google browser-not what you expect?
Google Chrome is a good alternative to the popular online search engine-providing a fast and smooth browsing experience;
Chrome is easy to use and has a clean user interface that makes it as easy to use as possible.
However, this browser does have some quirks-especially the annoying tendency to hijack your computer.
If you find yourself falling out with Google Chrome or choose to use a different browser as the default browser, it can be difficult to force Chrome to the background.
However, don\'t be discouraged-it\'s entirely possible and very simple to unselect Google Chrome as the default browser.
The following steps can be used in Windows XP and Vista.
How to remove Google Chrome as the default browser after most browsers are installed, you can go to the tools/options/preferences tab, check if it is currently set to the default value-there is no difference in Google Chrome and this information can be found in the Tools → Options window.
Usually, just run an alternative browser (
Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc)
It causes it to be checked to see if it is the default and a dialog box is displayed for you to react accordingly.
However, Google Chrome will automatically override this option in the registry.
By default, you should take a series of steps to enforce an alternate browser.
The first one is right-
Click on the Windows taskbar, select Properties and select the Start menu tab.
From here, click Customize, on the General tab, change Internet browser options from the selection in the drop-down list
Drop-down menu from Google Chrome to your selected browser. Then click OK.
Completing this step will remove Chrome from the Start menu and avoid any accidental use.
The next step is to change the system default.
This is how to remove the Google browser as the default browser.
The previous steps, while critical, can prevent accidental use, and now we\'re starting to set up the system to select the task of replacing the browser.
Go to start → control panel → Add or Remove Programs → Set program access and default values (
Alternatively, if there are program access and default values on the Start menu, start → Set program access and default values)
And select custom, click the drop-down list
The down arrow on the right expands the list.
Here you can choose another browser.
Select the one you set in the Start menu in the previous step.
To prevent further use of Google Chrome, you can also choose to clear the enable access to this program check box next to the Google Chrome entry.
If you are using Windows Vista and have been trying how to remove Google Chrome as the default browser and extend it so far, please edit the registration. You should be ready to finally remove the grip of your browser from your system.
Before you start this step, you should have completed the previous steps and have changed your system default value, ready to remove Google Chrome\'s control over your Vista system registry.
To continue, enter regedit in the search bar on the Start menu-this will quickly search and open the registry editor.
Next click edit → Find (or Ctrl+F)
Then type ChromeHTML in the search box and press Enter.
When the search function finds an entry, right-
Click on the marked one (Default)
And select modify-you can change the value to html file.
Click OK to accept this and click F3 to continue the search.
You need to proceed with this process before you can find more values.
After it\'s done, Windows should now give you the correct default browser every time!
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