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How to rain rain tents

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
The tent we see on TV have earthquake relief tent, he can have the effect of earthquake relief shelter. So what is specific what some classification? Outside the tent account are waterproof. If you are the first long distance walking, rainy days as far as possible choose to block rain, most of the time, of course, have to open. Inside outside account hold, in the above account, fixed account number line, the most important thing is to put the account to pull open the exhibition, outside the fixed account the position of the nail, let the rain can slide down along the outside account. Backpack on the tent as far as possible, if too much stuff, tent space is not enough, just put the backpack in the space, in order to prevent the rain wet bag, want to spread their tent under the mat pull up two horns, tie a backpack ( Mat is waterproof) A: a: on how to identify the stand or fall of inflatable tent next article: next up: buy used construction tents to pay attention to what
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