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how to quit facebook the right way

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-10
NEW YORK (MainStreet)—
Millions of people from all over the world join Facebook every month, a social networking site, and now the number is about 1-
A tenth of the global population as a user, but in the United StatesS.
Where Facebook started, the number of users was actually declining.
Between 5 and June of this year, the total number of the United StatesS.
According to a report within Facebook, users dropped from 0. 155 billion to 0. 149 billion, the first decline in the country in a year, which tracks data on social networks.
This means that at least 6 million Americans have decided to log off Facebook forever, and if you consider how many new users might have signed up for the service at the time, it could be much more than that.
It is not clear whether these users have left for a long time.
Out of concerns about privacy, out of a desire to reduce disruption, or simply because they are tired of the site for their own unique reasons.
However, if you are thinking about following in their footsteps, you will know that it is correct and wrong to quit Facebook.
Save your contacts and photos for many Facebook users, and the site is more than just a place to post updates about your life.
Facebook effectively acts as a function of address books and photo galleries --in-one.
So if one morning you wake up with a strong desire to abandon the site forever, make sure you first take the time to save any valuable personal information you may have on the site.
Anyone who uses Yahoo to send an email can transfer the email address of a Facebook friend to their Yahoo account, people with Gmail accounts can use friends of the Gmail Web app to store birthdays and work experiences of facebook friends, and may soon provide a way to transfer email addresses.
In addition to these options, popular web browser Firefox offers a free feature that allows users to download everything from Facebook pages, including photos
Put it on their hard drive for safety.
Even with these options, it may still be worth a few hours to manually browse Facebook content to highlight and store the most important items (whether Office contacts, meaningful pictures or messages you send and receive on the website.
If you no longer want to be on Facebook, please set up another social networking profile or web page and most likely you are not in the mood to sign up for another social networking site either.
But keeping some kind of network connection with acquaintances can be said to be more important than ever, not only for your personal life, but also for your professional life.
It\'s a great tool because Facebook has a large number of users, but it\'s far from the only website that can be used.
Professional networks like LinkedIn, Betterfly, and Tischen make it easy for users to create personal profile pages so they can get in touch with potential customers and colleagues and be found by themworkers.
There are also countless niche social networks suitable for various types of users, from bakers to bookworms, so that you can continue to be part of the online community, but their interests are closer to yours.
After all, just because you don\'t like Facebook doesn\'t mean you have to be completely out of the Internet.
Finally, once you firmly decide to say goodbye to Facebook, make sure you know the difference between deactivating your account and deleting it permanently.
To deactivate their account, all users must perform their account settings and click on that option, but doing so will not remove you completely from the site, because Facebook promises to \"save your profile information\" on their servers in case you want to come back.
For those who just want to delete the account in a short period of time, it may be a good thing, but if you want to permanently delete the information on the site, you have to take additional steps to submit a formal request to the network, which you can do here.
Once you \'ve taken this step, make sure you don\'t log in to the site for the next two weeks or your account will be re-activated. —
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