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how to keep your profile picture private after facebook privacy changes

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-08
Earlier today, I wrote pictures of how to get people\'s profile
Usually including-
Whether they are open or not.
You have no choice.
I also said that Facebook forced you to make your friends list public to the world.
I have received some since that original article
There is a serious disagreement between \"this is terrible\" and \"you are a wuss\" camp.
Some comments also point out that there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of public photos of you or your child.
I will go through these steps in detail now-
Why do I think that what Facebook does is unacceptable even with them.
The first important thing is that you can make your friends list private
But how to do this is not yet obvious.
Instead of going to your privacy settings (
This seems obvious)
You actually have to go to your profile page.
Then hover over the list of friends on the left side of your profile, and then cancel clicking \"show my friends on my profile\": As for your profile picture, I still haven\'t found any way to protect the privacy of the public.
You can delete your picture (
Or use one of them).
On top of that, your other option is to remove yourself from your Facebook search.
To do this, go to the privacy settings, then search, and then change the Facebook search results to \"friends\" or \"friends of friends \".
This way, when your profile picture is still public, people you don\'t like will not be able to find you by typing your name in Facebook\'s search box.
When you are on that page, you should also make sure that the box in the search engine that contains your profile is not selected.
Some people believe that the ability to remove myself from Facebook\'s search results means that I have made too many changes to these privacy changes.
I don\'t think so, there are many reasons: First of all, even if you remove yourself from your search, your profile picture can still be found through a group or page you like.
That said, if people you don\'t like try to find you, they can still-
If they work hard enough
Find your photos by looking for you on the fan page of the high school alumni group or workplace.
Like a photo marked with the words \"boy\", \"girl\" or \"child\", creeps can now use Facebook to find photos of children by looking for parents --or child-Related groups-
For example, even-
Scroll through people\'s profile pictures until they find a child.
I just tried it and it took two seconds to find a recognizable photo of a child with a parent\'s name.
Some of the reviewers on my initial post said that I was paranoid about things like kidnapping children.
But that\'s not the point.
I think someone will find a picture of the boy on Facebook and take him from my backyard? No.
But do I want to see a picture of my child in their basement without my permission? Absolutely not.
However, the biggest problem with Facebook\'s privacy changes is the lack of transparency.
As I was in, if-like me —
Your Facebook privacy settings are set to keep your profile pictures and/or list of friends confidential and there may be good reasons for you to do so.
After all, given how opaque privacy settings used to be, it\'s not easy to go in and make changes.
Like me, if you log in to Facebook, read their new privacy settings, and then try to click all the buttons to keep things on your \"old settings, I think it would be reasonable for Facebook to respect this requirement.
I don\'t think most people would expect them to ask Facebook to keep profile pictures and friends lists for months or even years ago that are now unilaterally open to everyone.
Worst of all, unless people who go through the new settings are paranoid enough to check what their public list looks like, they may never know, say, now, anyone who wants to find a child can see a picture of their child naked in the bathtub.
In my case, the only reason I kept my friend list secret was because I didn\'t want someone to get angry because of the story I wrote that harassed my friend (
It seems that this is a reasonable fear, as it has also appeared to another journalist since the new privacy change came into effect).
But it\'s not hard to imagine people in more vulnerable situations.
Prison guards, abused spouses, police
Who carefully set up their privacy settings to prevent strangers from seeing their photos or list of friends who may now be in real danger.
Worst of all, many of them may not know that their privacy has been violated --
Unless they happen to encounter such a post, it may never be known.
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