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How to inflate inflatable air track?

Step 1. Take out the inflatable air track from strong PVC bag and take out electric pump from carton.

Step 2. Untie the rope and unroll the tumbling track.

Step 3. Turn the air valves open counterclockwise

Step 4. Use the finger to hold down the pressure valve and rotate 45 degrees counter clock/wise, and the valve is in the open state when the valve is contracted

Step 5. Combining the mouth of the trachea with the inflatable valve

Step 6. It is inhaled when connecting the mouth of the trachea with the inflatables and lower buckle (need to open the valve (Refer to Step 5))

Step 7. To turn off the equipment by inflating to the equipment saturation state, disconnect the connection

Step 8.  When disconnect the electric pump and gym mat, press your finger on the air valves and rotate clockwise to 45 degrees, so that the valve is in the protruding state and the door is closed.

Step 9.  Turn off the valves and then make up gas

Step 10.  In order to avoid the leakage of the pressure relief valve for a long time, the valve wrench is tightened in clockwise using the valve wrench in the case of loosening of the outer ring of the valve

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