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How to identify the stand or fall of inflatable tent

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
To buy inflatable tent at ordinary times some things, so be sure to choose your inflatable tent back to see the stand or fall of tents. Here to teach you to identify the stand or fall of inflatable tent. 1 is the most important thing in our camping tents, camping because we life will change because of the type of the tent. Campers can camping purpose, according to size and content, properly choose the required type of tent. 2 in the first place to look at the structure of the tent is rigid, wild mountain climate is often complicated, tent structure need to be able to resist high winds, so the height of the tent most under 140 cm, and the strength of the strut is also very important. 3 tent material: at the bottom of the resistance, waterproof and water pressure is greater than 1000 mm; Inside account material must be well ventilated, outside account material must be waterproof coating, it is best to PU coating. The above is to identify the stand or fall of inflatable tent. A: a: on what are the skills of choose and buy tents next article: next up: how to rain rain tents
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