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How to identify the quality of the inflatable pool

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-03
Summer is coming, and the swim season. But the age is not big enough kids can't go to swimming pool to swim, so a lot of parents in the home to buy an inflatable pool for children to play. Inflatable pool at this time of the stand or fall of quality is very important, so we how to identify the quality of the inflatable pool when buy? Here are together and see it. Due to the swimming pool is basically PVC clip net cloth as main materials, PVC clip of screen splicing technology is very important. Process and technology in different manufacturers have different. In general production process is based on the high temperature splicing is given priority to, because of the high temperature splicing high production efficiency, but easy to appear uneven stitching, PVC clip hot screen cloth to incomplete, melting inside is not flat, concave and convex point within, and the problem of uneven tension, usually quality and beautiful in appearance can see it clearly. Stent swimming pool need to tear open outfit, water pressure tension, sun rain, folding storage, if there is uneven stitching is concave and convex point, easy to crack problems. 。 In addition to the high temperature splicing, high frequency heat sealing technology is also very common, the combination technology of hot-pressing uniform complete, smooth consistent toughening solid, solid appearance overall. Even if multiple pressure, thermal bonding interface level off, without bump crack point, structure of sealed by gravity is strong. In addition, this technology handles in the main local reinforcement MWCNTS, make use of more security and stability. 。 In addition to joining together, the number of the stent pool of process is also very important. That is how to identify the quality of the inflatable pool of related introduction, yiwu ShenYi inflatable toy manufacturers of plastic products have a lot of experience in this field, welcome to inquire.
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