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how to fold a blow up origami paper cube

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-16
First of all, you need a standard piece of paper on the 8 th by the 11 th.
5 inch and scissors. Step1.
Take the corner of a piece of paper and fold it up and meet the other side.
Press the diagonal line now, then crease. Step2.
Use scissors to cut off excess parts from the bottom of the paper. Step3.
Now open the paper and fold it on the opposite diagonal.
Now fold it firmly. Step4.
Open the paper again and fold it in half to form a rectangle.
Fold it firmly. Step5.
Open the paper and turn it over.
You will notice a point in the center.
Press it with your finger, then you have to hold the end of the paper and fold it inside. Step6.
Now push the paper inside from the triangle to the triangle.
Then wrinkle it.
Repeat the same program on the other side.
Now you have four flaps. Step7.
Fold each flap and fold it into a square. Step8.
You have four more flaps.
Fold each corner of the flap to the center.
Repeat this step for all four flaps. Step9.
Fold the top of the flap to the center, and then crease.
Repeat this for all four flaps.
This will produce four tips. Step10.
Now take down the tip ends and fold them in half.
Now insert the tip into the opening of the adjacent flaps.
Repeat this for all four flaps. Step11.
You will notice a small hole in the top.
You can increase the size with scissors cut.
Now open the hole and blow it inside. That\'s it.
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