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how to fix your check engine light.

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-06
It\'s not necessarily expensive to repair your car.
Anyone can be a \"Google mechanic\" because of the information age \".
While this particular fix may not match your situation, this is the same process.
So, let\'s get rid of the annoying orange light.
Reminder: If you have little or zero experience with cars or using tools, don\'t do it alone.
Find someone who can work with you to help prevent accidental injury or damage.
Really, it\'s worth it.
OBD represents on-board diagnosis.
The reader is about $60. 00.
You can buy one at the auto parts store or even Walmart.
It may sound like a lot, but keep in mind that it will cost at least $75 to drive your car into the mechanic\'s shop. 00.
It\'s just to see it.
At least that way, you can have it all the time and you can help your family and friends in the future.
Here are the basic principles of how OBD works.
Your car has a computer that receives input from different car systems.
When these systems send the wrong input (
Something is broken)
The computer recorded the problem and turned on the service light.
Inserting the reader displays the code of the computer record.
These codes are generic diagnostic codes that are not specific to the model (
Yes, there are exceptions).
In the next steps, we will discuss how to use the reader.
If you focus on your car\'s performance before that, it will help.
If there is an emission problem with your vehicle, you may not notice any changes in performance.
Or, at another extreme, your car may not even start.
Knowing what symptoms your vehicle has will help you find out what the problem is.
In my case, it\'s hard for my SUV to start, especially after filling the tank.
This is an interval of about a month.
Take a look at the lower edge of your driver\'s side dashboard.
You will find a ladder port for the reader.
Insert the reader when the engine and ignition are off.
Turn on the key after connecting but turn off the engine (KOEO).
Press the scan button and watch the reader think.
It will eventually display the code stored in the computer.
Scroll through the code and write it down.
In my case, the code is p0496.
You have the code. Now?
There are all kinds of forums and clues on the Internet.
Usually, the code for your vehicle is a common case for your vehicle.
You will find that people have fixed it and wrote it.
OBD is a great sitecodes. com.
It will give you a good understanding of what your code means.
If you know one or two about the car then this will help.
Don\'t worry if you don\'t.
Yes, it\'s helpful to know how something works before you fix it, but you can go through here.
Search the code with your vehicle.
This is what I wrote in the search bar.
\"Buick Rendezvous OBD P0496.
\"You may also be adding your vehicle this year, but keep this in mind.
The vehicle model changes year by year, but the situation under the hood may remain unchanged for many years.
If your vehicle is 2008, the post is for your model, but the 2005 fix may be the same.
I found a post saying that this could be a purification valve based on my symptoms and code.
So now I suspect it\'s a purification valve, but what is it?
What does it look like? Where is it?
All of these questions have answers that you can find through an internet search.
I found the chart showing the purification valve.
I compared it under the hood and found the part.
Once you know what this part looks like, you can order it with confidence.
I bought mine at autozone and changed it in 10 minutes.
This is a problem with 1 Bolt, 1 hose, 1 Electrical connector and $24. 00.
Now that the part has been replaced, please insert the reader back in.
Press and hold the erase button.
When the screen changes, press the button again to confirm.
The code is gone now and your check engine light should be off.
This is assuming you don\'t have any other code.
Important: If you are working on a problem with passing a smoke check, drive your vehicle for a day before doing the test.
The technician can tell you recently (
About 50 miles)
Deleted the code.
He will charge $24.
Tell you to come back again.
If you check that the engine light is on when you show up, this is also an auto-pay failure.
So make sure it is off before checking.
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