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How to distinguish the construction of the tent is good or bad

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
In the case of don't understand the tent, the difference between the stand or fall of tent was bought by price or by feeling. Actually these method is not accurate, though often say the goods is not cheap, but now. That we need to do to discern whether construction tent is good? 1, we can buy when a makeshift tent. If at the time of building very smooth without caton case illustrates this tent on the work very carefully, if caton, shows carelessness in work should not good quality. 2, can also according to the construction of the tent tent waterproof and handle, if the tent is waterproof line is not very good, so rainy day outside using infiltration of rain would happen, so should pay attention to when buying tent waterproof effect. Followed by analysis of handle, with the hand touch should be able to feel the thick of cloth fabric, and the wear resistance of cloth. 3, as well as construction of the tent support material, you have to clear tent with what material, with steel pipe construction tents, inflatable tent is gas column, regardless of the tent is a good scaffold material testing tents, ensure that in use process. It is very important to the construction of the tent accessories, it must be equipped with nail and pull on the rope. Tent in the process of use may be applied to the wind is larger. So need to pull on the rope. On an article: a: use the relief tent need to pay attention to what the next: next up: what are the advantages of canvas tents
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