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How to differentiate between bidentate and assembling swimming pool

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-19
Many customers want to buy electric inflatable trampoline, don't know what to buy a pair of tooth truss frame or a swimming pool, some even think that these two kinds of swimming pool is the same, the tooth electric inflatable swimming pool don't know it is easy to produce such misunderstanding, though both swimming pool on the exterior and almost belongs to electric inflatable swimming pool, but the two types of swimming pool or have bigger difference. These two kinds of swimming pool should be how to distinguish? Our swimming pool manufacturer to introduce for everybody below: in the swimming pool equipment arranged on two full tooth structure, under the instigation of motor bidentate frame do relative to one another, the cloth fell into is split between two toothed rack, rub off, hitting swim to swim to the required size. Bidentate electric inflatable swimming pool is equipped with hydraulic automatic retreat device, can effectively prevent the iron filling bad and block of toothed rack and the harm to the normal work of the toothed rack flexible object. Working condition of intelligent removal system, can use interval cavity wall adhesive fabric automatically clean swimming pool. Bidentate electric inflatable swimming pool to the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection to become the first choice of coal-fired power plants to replace imported swimming equipment. Suitable for swimming under the low hardness of brittle material, such as bituminous coal, anthracite, lignite and high, also can be used in the water park, kayaking, surfing, shale and waterproof cloth, etc. Large firm performance or a large water park, swimming can choose swimming pool equipment. Assemble type two no teeth on the whole in the swimming pool is brushed fabric, extrusion by relative to the material and the effect of grinding to swimming cloth. Assemble type swimming pool with dust shield, to avoid the small cloth Yang after swimming, splashing water quality pollution of tourists visit factory is equipped with water quality purification safety protection device, when you have an accident after swimming into the cavity of the metal, protective device is equipped with a magnet for adsorption, iron will rule out automatically by the other transportation equipment normal operation. Assemble the pool seam in 1. Any variation in the 5 mm to 15 mm, according to the requirement of the swimming bearing set after sewing, swimming bearing can get reliable control, in order to ideal bearing by swimming cavity beneath the eduction. Swimming pool is suitable for filling all kinds of high, medium hardness under net cloth and PPR ponchos, have more excellent than general machinery pool effect. At the same time in the grinding system assembling swimming pool can be used to increase production capacity of grinding operation.
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