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how to delete your facebook account now

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-08
Mark Zuckerberg delivered a keynote speech at Facebook\'s F8 developer conference this week, detailing some of his ambitious visions for the future.
Advanced Chat tools for augmented reality
Next is the social VR app called Spaces
Zuckerberg will stick us to the screen with this generation of products.
While social networking is a handy tool to keep in touch with friends and organize activities, it becomes bigger and more powerful than the sites many of us originally registered.
Facebook can and has been named for all sorts of misconduct.
In some circles, it has long been considered a rather serious threat to privacy and has been criticized for its tax practices, but some recent issues, such as the false illegal content of the site on Facebook live and the incredibly disturbing method of using it is particularly disturbing.
However, this is a waste of time for many people.
No matter why you want to cut off contact with Facebook, here\'s how to deactivate and delete your account.
Unless you are absolutely sure that you want to delete your Facebook account once and for all, we recommend that you take the deactivate route.
Disabling your account hides your profile from friends and searches, but you can reactivate your account if you decide to return-including friends, updates, pictures, and likes, just enter your login information.
Deactivate your Facebook account: deleting your account is an important step, so consider it clearly before submitting it.
Facebook may take 90 days to process an account deletion request, but it disappears once your account disappears.
Before taking the plunge, it\'s well worth downloading a copy of the data on Facebook.
To do this: you can delete your account once it\'s done.
However, keep in mind that even if all the other traces of your account are gone, the messages you send will continue to exist.
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