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how to delete your facebook account

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-07
Whether the spark is gone or you just want to update and re-ignite your relationship with Facebook, you can deactivate or delete your account.
However, the process is a little more complicated than you initially thought.
So if you want to take a break or quit Facebook forever, here\'s a guide to help you through the process.
Deactivate or delete?
First of all, you have to determine to what extent you want to delete your Facebook account.
The site allows users to choose between deactivating and permanently deleting their accounts.
Deactivating your account will allow Facebook to keep all of your data, but your account will be suspended, making it inaccessible to you or anyone else.
After deactivating the account, you can return at any time and reactivate the account by logging in to the website.
If you\'re sure you\'re not planning to regroup with your Facebook account, you can go ahead with the next few steps.
Once you have decided to delete your account permanently, you will need to list all the websites you normally log in with the Facebook Connect feature and make sure to close each account before proceeding with the process.
Keep in mind that your Facebook account needs to be dormant for some time before it is permanently deleted, and logging into a Facebook-connected site can cause you to inadvertently reactivate your account and stop the deletion process.
When you are sure that all Facebook Connect accounts have been closed, you can delete your account.
This is done by logging into your account and visiting the \"delete my account\" page of the website.
After selecting the delete my account option, a box should appear prompting you to re-enter your password and fill in the text in the CAPTCHA box.
Click OK after entering the information to submit your account for permanent deletion.
Confirm that your page will no longer be visible at this time, and Facebook will keep your account data for two weeks after you delete your account.
This grace period is designed to give users enough time to change their mind before permanently deleting an account.
Logging in to your account during this time will reactivate it, so make sure to clear the web cache and avoid the site.
If you accidentally log in to your Facebook account, you will need to restart the deletion program.
Your account will be permanently deleted in two weeks without any activity.
Disclaimer users should be aware that once their account is permanently deleted, Facebook may still keep some of your images, videos and other information on their servers.
However, the site notes, \"The material has nothing to do with any personal identifier and is completely inaccessible to others using Facebook.
\"This means that while the site may retain data for a period of time, no one will be able to access it and may be covered in the next few months.
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