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how to deactivate your facebook account

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-07
This is embarrassing.
Last month, according to Facebook, social networking sites that allow you to \"Edit Friends\" quietly reduced 100,000 people in the UK.
Facebook denies the numbers, but how do you log out permanently in case you think of the issue?
Don\'t get sucked in-
Go to the account menu in the upper right corner of the page, click account settings, and deactivate the account.
But no matter what you do, don\'t watch your news.
Yes, your friend just came back from work as a child psychologist in Uganda, but I\'m sure it\'s really boring.
The link to the mayor of Oslo on YouTube sings best while promising to buy a polar bear, which is not fun.
Please ask your friend to send you a beautiful invitation through the post.
Make your heart hard
Facebook will face you with a group of smiling photos of your friends.
The caption says \"Anna will miss you\", \"Daniel will miss you\" and \"Adrian will miss you \".
Facebook, nice try.
When you look closer, you\'ll find that you \'ve only seen Daniel once at a party, and Anna\'s picture is an old picture of you wearing braces, and a real friend will burn this picture
The last one is your husband.
He won\'t miss you. Never explain -
Facebook insists you tell them why you refuse them.
Are they not feeling enough about you? (
Option: \"I don\'t think Facebook is useful. ”)Feel smothered? (
\"I have received too many emails, invitations and requests from Facebook. ”)
Adjust your privacy settings.
It\'s better to tell them directly that you found Twitter.
Eliminate temptation
Choose not to receive future emails, confirm and submit to disable your profile and remove your name and picture from anything you share on Facebook.
Or select the \"core\" option to delete your account permanently.
Click help, then search for delete my account, click on the link, and click submit your request here \".
The account will be deleted immediately, but it may take two weeks for Facebook to clear your information from its cache.
Hold on to your nerves
Ignore dizziness and lost direction.
Then spell and log in again.
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