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How to Custom Advertising Inflatable Helium Balloon

How to Custom Advertising Inflatable Helium Balloon


Did you imagine to have your own design products?Did you custom products before?Will you interested in inflatable helium balloon for party,event or rental store?Now Guangzhou Powerful Toys will help you to achieve your dream.We can create the size and the shape of the inflatables as your require.From the design to shipment,we can arrange,you just keep in touch with us and show the imagine in your brain.

1.Send your require at first

Just tell us what size of the helium balloon you need and what color you prefer .Then provide us the clear logo filed if your need to printing your own logos on.


2.Arrange the design for the helium balloon


3.Change the design of the helium balloon as your require first


4.Change the design of the helium balloon as your require twice 

5.Change the design of the helium balloon as your require 3times 




Please don't worry about asking too much,just try to tell us all the image in your mind .Because you are the boss.And believe that the helium balloon you are waiting for is the props for making money,it must be nice,be suitable,and be attractive.

6.3D PRINTING DESIGN of the Inflatable helium balloon

After you confirmed the size,color and the logo design of the Helium Advertising Balloon/Inflatable Advertising Blimps /Flying Giant Helium Airplane /Custom Helium Spheres,our designer will draw out the 3D printing design for producing.And we will send them to you for confirm before producing.



7.FINISHED Picture of the helium balloon

The pictures of finished Helium Advertising Balloon/Inflatable Advertising Blimps /Flying Giant Helium Airplane /Custom Helium Spheres, will be sent to you before shipping.You can confirm the size,color,logos,shape and all the details as your require before producing.If everything is well,we will arrange shipping. If something wrong,we will fix it ,and arrange shipping after you confirmed.


8. Other shape balloon

The round shape is too simple?You want an airship cartoon or animals?

Send us the picture of the shape you require.We will tell you the Mix size of the shape you require.If it is OK,and you are willing to pay the deposit.We will arrange the design for you after you paid the deposit.And then ,you can confirm the helium balloons design before arrange producing.



A.Our aerial spheres can showcase your brand or customized message in oversized letters and elevate over 100' giving you visibility for miles in every direction.

B.Whether you’re opening a new store, releasing an exclusive product or launching a marketing campaign, we offer a variety of attention-grabbing solutions.

C.Transform your big event into a three-dimensional layout of your vision with jaw-dropping visuals that are sure to get a reaction from any crowd.


Do you Know how to buy a suitable Helium Advertising Balloon/Inflatable Advertising Blimps /Flying Giant Helium Airplane /Custom Helium Spheres?Just feel free to contact Guangzhou Powerful Toys.

10.Kindly remind:

1) All price we quote before you required is EXW price.

2) All price price is not included the tax before you required.

3) All design will be provided before paid the deposit (at least 40% of total including shipping cost)for protecting the intellectual property rights of designers.

4) All inflatables should be confirm before shipping,after confirmed,the shape,color and logos need to change is not accepted.

5) Any questions after received the inflatable balloon just feel free to contact us.As how to use the balloon ,how many gas the balloons need,and how weight the balloons can bear...

6) Once you found there are some the quality problem of the balloons,please kindly provide the pictures of the balloon ,prefer the video of the helium balloon,that we can know how is the balloons.

7) If the problem is caused by your Improper operation,we can help you to fix it or change a new one,but you need to paid all the fees including price of the good,shipping cost and tax

8) If the problem is our duty, we will help you to fix it or change a new one for you by free.

9) The most important thing,if you want to buy one more after you received the helim balloons,and you want to ask for discount from us,please kindly contact us ,do not be shy,we can try our best to provide you the biggest discount.

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