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how to convert miles to an airline ticket

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-13
If you register regularly-
Flight reward program, you get \"miles\" or points each time you fly.
Over time, these points are accumulated in a special account and you can redeem them for a free ticket at a later date.
There are many different frequencies.
Flyer programs that can be selected, they all operate a little differently.
Still, you can still learn about the standard process of actually cashing on these free tickets.
Make sure you register frequently-
Travel Rewards program.
You must take the initiative to sign up.
If you do not know where the points will be stored and which entity is responsible, do not assume that you earned points by purchasing your ticket.
Be familiar with all terms and conditions of the reward program.
Some of these projects classify free tickets according to the distance between the originating airport and the destination airport, and the cost of each floor must be several miles.
In other procedures, the mileage cost of a free ticket is calculated separately.
There are also \"blackout dates\" for most programs, which are travel dates, and mileage cannot be used for tickets, as well as other restrictions.
Track your mileage
Depending on your project and the personal options you check when registering, you should be able to view your mileage in your online account or you will receive a printed bill in your email, there is your total mileage on it.
If possible, plan your desired flight as early as possible one year in advance.
As a general guide, airlines start accepting flight bookings 331 days in advance.
If you can book a free ticket so far in advance, you may be able to walk a few miles less.
Search for tickets online and try to find some flights that meet your needs.
If your reward plan is for a specific airline, visit the airline\'s website where you can search specifically for tickets.
If your program allows you to use multiple airlines, consider viewing the ticket aggregation website, which will search multiple ticket sites at the same time, saving you time.
When you check the available tickets, make sure you check the details and confirm that tickets can be purchased using miles or bonus points.
Write down the flight number, date and time of all flights that may meet your needs.
Call the booking hotline for your reward program.
You should be able to find this number on your online account page or on a printed statement.
If not, please call the general hotline of the airline or company that manages your plan and request that your reward plan be transferred to the reservation department.
Discuss with booking experts about converting your mileage to a ticket.
Prepare your reward plan account number and travel information you want.
After telling the booking specialist where and when you want to go, she should be able to show you multiple flight options and the total cost (in miles) for each one ).
If you would like to board the flight you found earlier, please ask for the flight number specifically.
If you finally choose to convert miles, please confirm your decision to purchase your ticket with the booking specialist.
In many procedures, there will be a nominal fee for using mileage, so you may need to provide a credit card number for any applicable fee.
You may also receive a confirmation number for your transaction and you should write it down.
Make sure you know how your ticket confirmation will be sent to you before you hang up.
Usually, this confirmation arrives by email
Mail or mail.
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