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How to cleaning inflatable toys at ordinary times

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-21
Inflatable toys for today's society is very practical. In many places will choose to use inflatable toys. Especially some children's toys and swimming toys. Many will be looking for inflatable toy. In fact, inflatable toys will need maintenance and collection after use. This time, inflatable toy manufacturers to say inflatable toys at ordinary times how to cleaning. 1. Cut off the power supply, open interface and exhaust fan, exhaust time is in commonly 10 - More than 25 minutes, to squeeze. If the device because of rain water, make sure the water is clean and dry. 2. Cleaning processing, can use detergent to wipe besmirch, oily be soiled, then wash clean with clear water and dry it. 3. Equipment fold, with bottom folding stopped head-on, reoccupy tarpaulins to cover it. 4. If not for a long time, folded into the clean equipment, bundling, packing is good. Storage temperature is in commonly - It is advisable to 50 ~ + 40 degrees Celsius. 5. Fan should notice moistureproof, anticorrosion. Model gas equipment should pay attention to rat bite by insects. Maintenance and care for inflatable toys is very necessary. Many of life's protection and choose inflatable toys are very necessary. Inflatable toy actually not very good for maintenance will be very vulnerable to trauma. The simple way of expression of the inflatable toy cleaning. Can understand a lot of interest.
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