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How to choose the inflatable slide and inflatable castle

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-20
Inflatable slide and inflatable castle, how to choose recently there are many customers in the consultation support swimming pool and inflatable swimming pool, the difference between the two swimming pools, respectively, have what use? What a better? Below small make up science will give you about stent swimming pool and inflatable swimming pool. Stents swimming pool 1, structure difference: the swimming pool is a steel tube as the main body, made up by all around and the underside of PVC cloth; The inflatable swimming pool is in the form of inflatable, to fill the tire around the gas after water injection. 2, material composition difference: the main body of the stent swimming pool is gb seamless steel tube, pool, pool use special body, which has the function of self-cleaning nylon choreography double PVC coated fabric. High tear, friction resistance, anti-aging, nice appearance, etc. And inflatable swimming pool because swims against children demand, then use a regular pool, for use in a different way, so have bright colors, beautiful appearance, etc. 3, inflatable swimming pool specifications difference: stents swimming pool has a height of 1. 0 m, 1. 32 meters and 1. 5 m pool. Inflatable swimming pool for the tire high 0. 55 meters, 0. 65 and 0. 8 m pool. Both round or square design and size specifications can be customized. 4, functional difference: stents swimming pool because of its good stability, high pool, therefore can meet different specification to paddle adolescents and adults play, swimming teaching requirements; Inflatable swimming pool with large inflatable water slides, more swims for children to play, highlight the parent-child interaction and pull the parent-child relationship. In general, two kinds of swimming pool due to different in the crowd characteristic advantage each has his strong point. But if you want to built a mobile water park project, requires the combination of a variety of swimming pool and rides. Recommended reading: inflatable slide daily leak how repair?
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