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How to choose reliable quality inflatable toys for children

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-22
Very many different kinds of toys, let the children choose a lot of choice, selected toys we adults have to pay attention to is the quality, and the children need to do is choose their own style, so how to pick out the reliable inflatable toys? 1. Model selection inflatable toys first in modelling respect to conform to the children's interest. For infants within one full year of life, the main is to choose the color bright, color piece is bigger and round and toys, such as color ball, the duckling, goldfish, etc. For these animal selection should pay special attention to the colour of their eyes and funny, other aspects are shortage. When the child after one full year of life, you should choose a few modelling lifelike animals, even with a fearful animals can also, so that we can let the child see life as a child, cultivate the spirit of the brave. When choosing inflatable water toys, in addition to the swim ring, also can choose some aquatic animals such as ducks, swans, goldfish, etc. 2. Sealing check inflatable toy quality is key to its sealing performance, so the quality inspection is mainly not leak leakage inspection. First, inflatable toys booth should be iii, observe its printing design is clear and beautiful, the main parts of a matching color is accurate, surface had stains and yellowing, etc. Should welding seam evenly between each film, good melt, without wrinkling and bumps phenomenon occurs, more should not have obvious desoldering. With finger gently with thin film surface should be no discoloration phenomenon occurred. Observe good gas nozzle welds shall be sealed tightly around, with the gas mouth stuffed with gas mouth should be more close and not too loose. The inflatable toys to the lights, should not find a foreign body inside the shadow. After the above surface examination is filling the air. After filling the air with a pump or other means, the modelling of toys should present a full, and can stand evenly on the surface of the table and not stagger. There may be some toys center of gravity, tilt should not obvious after adjusted. Inflatable toys after surface should be smooth without obvious sag and wrinkles. With handle gently pressing toys and put gas in the ear, should listen to not seal leakage. Inflatable best keep toy standing for 5 minutes, observe the presence of significant deformation or unstable. After the above check is normal, can pull the gas mouth, make the toys according to gas, without a hand on the toy, the part of the internal air should be able to keep out rather than all at once. Through the above method after the check, can see the plastic toys manufacturer of inflatable toys, ok, if some shelf life is long, it will appear the phenomenon of leakage, it needs to be replaced.
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