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How to better maintain tourism tents

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-10
As the weather gets warmer, tourism is becoming popular. One of the necessary equipment to travel & ndash; — Tents are increasingly popular. How to better maintain tourism tents, make its use more effective, travel to play a better role, became an important foundation work to travel. Due to the particularity of its material tourism tents, is afraid of something sharp Pierce, therefore need to be especially careful when using the article such as branches, needle, in order to prevent the prick tourism tents, affect the use effect. To prick the tent, to repair in time, lest the hole bigger, cause more big regret. After the use of tourism tents, need to vent first, then wash. Cannot be used when cleaning gasoline play sex such as detergent, can use soap and water or scrub, such as washing liquid, and wash after must not be in the sunlight, in a cool, ventilated place order. For temporary unused tourism tents, after can be dry clean, according to the instructions packaged preserved. Try not to fold the packaging when, in order to avoid damage components and joints, influence to use again. If the space is narrow, flat rolled up for tourism tents, can be all around, also don't have the weight extrusion. Area to save the insects prevent bask in work. If the space allows, the best tent can be filled to save some gas, so that we can avoid air bag wall for a long time close to the adhesion phenomenon. Just be above points, the safekeeping, tourism tents properly will can effectively prolong the service life, and can better play to its function, bring to people's travel more convenient. In addition, properly keep tents can save some money, so I have to give tourism tents closest maintenance. A: a: on the basis of the inflatable tent knowledge next article: next up: the characteristics of the inflatable tent, as well as maintenance and repair
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