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How to avoid air valve wear in inflatable swimming pool is used

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-19
Known from the analysis of large inflatable toys valve wear high stress short-range chisel cutting wear and tear, is mainly for valve residue on the surface of the wear failure analysis can be concluded that air valve wear mechanism is as follows: 1) Due to material extrusion for many times, or squeeze the highlights in the surface layer of valve and the root of the formation of micro cracks. Then the crack along the swimming pool cloth weak expanding is linked together, leads to the formation of a surface material fall off chip. 2) Cloth squeeze caused valve valve up be full or partial pressure at surface materials. And make full split up or at part with swimming cloth off form the grindings 3) Relative slide valve short-range, fabric cutting valve valve wear form grindings inflatable swimming pool and bracket deformation fatigue wear swimming pool can be used as j1, brittle fracture and wear j2 and j3 microscopic cutting wear, said: j = j1 + j2, j3 therefore control valve wear are the main factors of material hardness and toughness, hardness of materials determines the pit depth and size of the cloth, swimming pool material hardness, cloth into the depth of the air valve, air valve surface material deformation degree of small, at the same time short-range sliding cutting cloth material quantity is less, the material toughness said its resistance to fracture, the toughness of the material is good, can eliminate the brittle fracture in the process of extrusion fabric, and the valve material before deformation damage before the formation of chip deformation process will increase greatly.
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