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How much money a construction tents, what are the advantages?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
Just as its name implies is used at the site of construction tents, it let site construction personnel have to rest home. For those who are interested to purchase construction of the tent, they most concern is the advantage of price and place. So how much money a construction tents, what are the advantages? Below we together to look at! Construction tent that is used on site, it can provide workers with place for living, living things on the inside is also possible. Construction tents in sales, customers will be asked to buy: & other; How much is a construction tent? ” In fact accurate prices it is difficult to reply you, this is not the product don't understand, but the factors that affect the price are the following. A, size, material is different, the price also will be changed; In the case of the same material, the bigger the size the more expensive. Second, tents have special requirements, such as printed on the tent, tent and cotton, would be another charge. Three, tent industry raw material prices is not stable, so every time offer will have a certain time limit, this may also lead to twice before and after the purchase price is different. Complete construction advantages a tent, warehouse stock is enough, size, material for customer choose. Construction tent size: 3 mx4m, 4 mx5m mx4m and 4, 4 mx10m mx6m, 4 mx8m, 4, 5 mx6m, 5 mx8m, 5 mx10m, construction tent cloth, Oxford cloth, canvas, tent frame construction: galvanized pipe, pipe of the lacquer that bake. Second, using high quality raw materials, tents are of good quality and now have also made tents inspection report, can use at ease. Three, tent design can stand in the customer's point of view, in addition to the tents with the screen, can also be printed on the tent with cotton, tent. How much money a construction tents, what are the advantages? See here, I believe everyone's answer! ! ! ! In order to let more people in need, hope everybody can benefit at the same time vigorously forward small make up. Hope you can help to you, welcome to adopt! A: a: on construction tent can use how long? Next up: the next: construction of choose and buy tents from time to tome what matters needing attention
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