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how many inflatables should i start off with for my party rental company?

by:Powerful Toys     2019-10-22
How many inflatable toys should I start?
This question needs to be answered by everyone.
You need to think about your budget and how much you can afford.
In general, you should at least from 3-
5 inflate so you will have a wide range of customers to choose from.
If you buy only one bounce house, then you lose the customer base who wants to rent a combination, slides, obstacle classes or interactive inflatable toys and you end up losing business.
Once the client sees that you don\'t have more options, they are likely to go to other companies.
This is where most startups fail.
They either start with the wrong number of inflatable toys or from the wrong style.
The most successful strategy is to go with two regular bouncers, both of which should be a generic theme and good for any party or event so you don\'t limit your customer base.
In addition to the two bouncers, you want to get a combination with bounce and swipe, an interactive or obstacle course inflatable.
If you start by buying a specific theme inflatable toy like Disney theme characters, then you are really limited to customers who are looking specifically for the theme.
You have to have another inflatable slide.
The water slide is one of the most popular and profitable inflatable toys in the rental inventory.
Having this variety of inflatable products will put you on the right path to success and profitability.
However, if you do have the funds to buy more inflatable products than is recommended.
The best way to develop business and retain customers is to provide them with a wide range of services.
Because people have different activities and theme parties, it is essential to have all kinds of parties, if you can\'t provide them with inflatable products for related topics to supplement their party or event then you lose their business and they will turn to another one with more variety and theme availability
So keep these in mind and start your business in the right direction by choosing a variety of universal inflators instead of more specific inflators.
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