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How long does it take to charge air inflatable tent

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
Aeration method: open the air valve, internal similar on the surface of the sea filler of springback blow-up lilo absorption air; After close the valve, the air has been on a cushion of air. Automatic blow-up lilo using convenience and comfort, once the blow-up lilo is full, you can control the volume adjustment degree of hardness and softness. Second, easy to repair the tent leak (1) determine the place of gas leakage, the child with a clean cloth to wipe clean (2) cut a slice of air column leather ( Size by leaking air hole size, shoulds not be too big) (3) coating glue ( Special repair glue) , where the gas leak and cut spread glue on the leather, not too much coating evenly ( Sticky glue more didn't believe that everyone should understand) (4) the glue with the wind blowing hair blower cool wind blow dry, Natural air-dry 4/5 minutes) (5) use hair dryer blowing ( Hot air) Will leak, and the patch blow hot, then smooth stick, dragging it with the iron plate, an article on compaction can: a: what are the next article: engineering construction standard tent next up: the wild construction tent specification parameters
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